Genius Hour- from another perspective

I just recently was published in TechEdge Magazine through TCEA on the topic of Genius Hour. It was a huge honor and happened all because of connections both professionally through the TCEA network and through my wonderful #geniushour PLN.
The biggest factor in Genius Hour being a success was transparency, collaboration and continually keeping it student focused. Initially when the article went “live” a week and a half ago I was embarrassed by my colleagues congratulations. This whole journey and my passion to share has been driven by the lights that were brightened in my student’s eyes when they discovered learning from the most meaningful place… their passions. This wasn’t about my success or my teaching, this was about them. So it feels wrong to know that I published this article on the experience of their re-awakening to learning.
My solace is in knowing that the message cannot stop with me and knowing that in my new role as an Instructional Facilitator I can be an ambassador and guide for those teachers wanting to launch their own Genius Hour.
I have benefited from those that have gone before me because of their transparency, encouragement and humility. In the Genius Hour inner circle it isn’t about accolades or selfish gain. They all see the greater purpose… students being truly passionate learners and active positive contributors to their world.
So I share the link to my article, not for bragging rights but to provide yet another layer in the message of the calling to bring passionate learning opportunities to all classrooms and beyond.

Image of Tech Edge Article

Genius Hour, TechEdge Magazine, TCEA, February 2014, by Kirsten Wilson

I hope you enjoy it and it encourages you in your own journey or inspires you to take this journey of passionate learning called Genius Hour with your students. If Genius Hour goes viral the world will never be the same!

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