About Kirsten Wilson

IT_photo2 Mother of 2 children. wife of 23 years to Eric. Educator for 20 years. Experience both in administration and in the classroom. Currently provides oversight/guidance with curriculum and instruction, professional learning communities, and targeted/work-embedded professional learning for Virtual Arkansas. Passionate about life and facilitating a love for learning with passion, verve, and excellence. Committed to helping teachers, administrators and parents provide a safe place for kids to learn, grow, discover their passions, and take risks. I treasure the blessing of community both in-person and virtually. I am amazed at how our world becomes smaller and smaller as we become more global through the amazing technological mediums like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest that bring us closer. Collaboration, sharing, honesty, vulnerability, and transparency is essential as the world’s vast amount of knowledge grows each nano-second. To stay current and forward-thinking, we must stay CONNECTED. Follow me on Twitter @teachkiwi.

You can also learn more about me by visiting my ePortfolio.


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