Presentation Links and Schedule

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Upcoming Presentation/Workshop Events:

“Engaging Formative Assessment via Purposeful Tech Integration” at NISD Engage Professional Learning Institute with Hayley Sample, Byron Nelson High School, August 13th

“Creating a Band of Pirate Coders” TCEA Convention, February 1st, 2016, Austin, Texas

“Google Tools for the Visionary Lead Learner” TCEA Convention with Melissa Griffith, February 3rd, 2016, Austin, Texas

“The Why of Genius Hour” TCEA Conventinon, February 5th, 2016, Austin, Texas

Presentation and Workshop Topics Kirsten Provides

“ePortfolios” Workshop

“Going beyond ePortfolios with Google Sites” Workshop

“Building Your PLN and Beyond” Workshop

“Providing Digital Choice in the Elementary Classroom” Workshop

“Launching Genius Hour” Workshop

“Twitter for the Masses” Workshop

“Bringing Technology Clubs to Your Campus” Workshop

Occasional guest moderator for #txeduchat , #nisdNOV8 and #nisdchat; Topics include: Genius Hour, ROLE Reversal, Student Motivation, Student Driven Learning, Innovative Teaching and Instructional Design, Instructional Coaching

“Letting a Tech Club Find You”- Persentation with Sue Fitzgerald

“Curation for the 21st Century” – Presentation

“The Why of Genius Hour” – Presentation

“Blogging by Choice”- Presentation- with Sue Fitzgerald

“Blogging as a Reflective Educator” – Presentation- with Sue Fitzgerald





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