Learning from our youth

Youtube pic

As I get deeper and deeper into my depth and breadth of technology knowledge I am finding I am less inhibited to ask anyone for help.  My favorite resources are my own students, children and my colleagues kids.  Recently I was asked to do a YouTube video.  That may be no big deal to many but for some reason I had trouble with every attempt.  I was sharing my frustrations with my principal who quickly offered the amazing YouTube skills of her son Zachary.  Of course, I took her up on it.  He came this morning to my classroom before he reported to his campus for class.  In SECONDS he had me in YouTube and uploading my video.  Crazy isn’t it?  I had tried multiplie times and had no success and in he comes, like Superman and saves my “technological life.”  Now the story doesn’t end there… I asked him if he tweeted, and he didn’t.  So in a matter of minutes I was sharing with him the amazing world of Twitter.  He was intrigued.  When he found out he could upload or get more followers to his YouTube account where he posts tutorials for various video games I got his attention :).  We all like more followers.  So another exchange of ideas occurred and the coolest thing was it was about the exchange of ideas and how to get our ideas out to others.  Mine was to share my passion for children, education and technology (in this case Twitter).  His was getting the word out about the tutorials he does on YouTube. I also challenged him to bring the world of Twitter to his classroom.  Conduct book clubs via Twitter.  Have study groups via Twitter.  Best of all bring amazing things and ideas to the attention of his teachers via Twitter.  If they don’t Tweet, email the link.  🙂    At one point I was so excited about his YouTube tutorials that I told him I would have my first grade son check them out as I think he would enjoy the games he offers the tutorials for (follow him on his YouTube Channel: Cheesyman59).  I also told him that my son loves Minecraft but I have had to forbid him from tutorials on it because the people that do the tutorials cuss the entire time.  He jumped right in and said he would start making tutorials for that too!!!! I think I converted him to Twitter and we are now forever linked through a kindred love for sharing ideas. When we parted today we both excitedly said we would keep in touch and offered to help the other with each of our areas of expertise.  Collaboration, it happens at any time with any age if we are open to the idea that we can learn from anyone!  Who will be your next technology expert? They may be lurking behind a skateboard and a back pack on their way to Mrs. Duffy’s first period class.